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Welcome to Elgin Chiropractic

Chiropractic serves over 200 million families every day. Maybe now it’s time to let it work for you.

Elgin Chiropractic has been providing friendly, compassion driven care for the greater Elgin area since 1979. Elgin Chiropractors Dr. Julie and Dr. Wilson took over the clinic in 2007 and have continued the tradition of patient focused care. This husband and wife team first met in chiropractic college and fell in love with not only each other but also with helping people live a more full filled life through chiropractic care.

Elgin Chiropractors Helping Families

Our office is committed to helping the community live a better life through drug free pain relief. Both doctors have extensive training in several different methods of care for their patients from the elderly to children.

The primary method used by Dr. Julie and Dr. Wilson, Chiropractors Elgin, is a traditional hands on approach using Thompson drop and Diversified technique. Both doctors are Activator Method certified. Activator is a low force technique for adjusting the spine and other joints of the body. There is “no popping” when using the Activator and it is the only instrument adjusting technique with clinical trials to support its efficiency. Patients in our office may chose to be adjusted manually or non manually.

Dr. Julie, a mother of two, has a passion for treating pregnant women and is certified in the Webster technique. The Webster technique is specifically for pregnant women to help balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments to reduce torsion to the uterus providing a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.

We enjoy helping all ages of patients discover optimum living. Saturday appointments are available. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!