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Meet Our Elgin Chiropractors

Dr. Hollis Wilson

Dr. Hollis Wilson was exposed to the benefits of chiropractic at young age and it for ever changed his life. Dr. Wilson was only a child when at accident on the playground, caused him to injury his ribs. His mother, who was a regular chiropractic patient, took him to the local chiropractor. Dr. Wilson was amazed that the chiropractor was able to make his pain completely vanish with out a painful shot or any medication. It was then at the age of 8, he decided he wanted to become a chiropractor.

The long road to become a chiropractor took Dr. Wilson away from his small home town in New Mexico and led him to his practice in Elgin. After graduating from military school Dr. Wilson attended the University of New Mexico where he entered the premed program earning a degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. While at university he was introduced to a prominent chiropractor who suggested Dr. Wilson attend Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis. Dr. Wilson met his wife Dr. Julie while in chiropractic college and they both graduated in 2003. After graduation, Dr. Wilson chose to move to the Austin area and open a practice. In October 2004 he opened Central Texas Chiropractic & Rehab in Pflugerville. Then in June of 2007 he reopened Elgin Chiropractic with his wife Dr. Julie.

Dr. Julie Restall

Dr. Julie Restall is a native of Winnipeg, Canada and is certified to practice in both Canada and the United States. She graduated with a Bachelor’s from the University of North Dakota and received a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. While in St. Louis Dr. Julie worked as an intern at Barnes Jewish Hospital, in their pregnancy pain clinic. This is how she fell in love with treating pregnant women and helping them with pre and post natal back pain.

Passion for Prenatal Chiropractic

She is certified in the Webster technique and has a deep passion for treating women during their pregnancy and helping them recover after their delivery. Dr. Julie also sees patients with neck pain, back pain, headaches/migraines, and any kind of joint pain. She provides a gentle approach to treating patients. Unlike Dr. Wilson coming from a family who would go to the chiropractor regularly, Dr. Julie was the first person to adjust everyone in her family. As a result, she is really able to relate to a patient who may be nervous or one who has never been adjusted before. She is very diligent and will walk you through what to expect on your first visit and future visits.

When not a work Dr. Julie and Dr. Wilson tend to spend most of their time at home with their two young children. Dr. Julie enjoys playing board games and baking. You can find Dr. Wilson out in his yard tending to his roses and flower beds or on the disc golf course!

We enjoy helping all ages of patients discover optimum living. Contact us today! Saturday appointments are available.

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